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Plenary Talks

R. Barauskas, M. Kuprys. Collision Detection And Response Of Yarns in Computational Models of Woven Structures.

B. N. Datta. Finite Element Model Updating and Partial Eigenvalue Assignment in Structural Dynamics: Recent Developments on Computational Methods.

B. Hofmann. Approximate Source Conditions in Regularization and an Application to Mutiplication Operators.

K. Kubilius. On Integral Equations Driven by p-Variation Functions and Processes.

G. Shishkin. High-Order Accurate Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena.


Minisymposium: Modelling and Simulation of Hydrogeological and Geo-environmental Problems

              Organizers: H. Neunzert, O. Iliev (ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany), P.Vabishchevich (Moscow university, Russia). 

A. Arraras, J. C. Jorge. An Alternating-Direction Finite Difference method for Three-Dimensional Flow in Unsaturated Porous Media.

M. Chapwanya, S. O'Brien. Bioremediation in a Porous Media with Small Bio-Clogging.

B.Chetverushkin, N.Churbanova, A.Sukhinov, V.Tomilov, M.Trapeznikova. Simulation of Multiphase Contaminant Transport in Porous Media Using Parallel Computer Systems.

A. Smychnik, A. Hrechka, A. Zlebava, S. Lemeshevsky, A. Bahadziazh, V. Kabak. Software for Groundwater Modeling MAS-2000.


Minisymposium: Navier - Stokes equations and Computational Fluid Dynamics

              Organizers: W.Zajaczkowski, J. Rokicki (Poland), K. Pileckas (IMI, Vilnius, Lithuania)

L.Jeziorek, J.Rokicki. Fluid-Structure Interaction in Simulation of Transonic Flows.

A. Kolyshkin, S. Nazarovs. On the Stability of Wake Flows in Shallow Water.

P. Posadzy, M. Morzynski, R.Roszak. Aeroelastic Tool for Flutter Simulation.

J.Rokicki, P.Szklarz. Domain Decomposition Method for Subdomains with Non-Regular Multiple Overlapping.

M. Rychlik, M. Morzyski, W. Stankiewicz. Applications of CFD and PCA Methods for Geometry Reconstruction of 3D Objects.

W. Stankiewicz, M. Morzynski, B.R. Noack, F. Thiele. Stability Properties of 2D Flow around Ahmed-Body.

R.Wieteska, J.Majewski, J.Rokicki. WENO Schemes for Finite Volume Simulation of Compressible Flows.


Minisymposium: Computational Mechanics

              Organizers: R. Barauskas (KTU, Kaunas, Lithuania), R. Belevičius (VGTU, Vilnius, Lithuania)

R.Barauskas, R. Krušinskienė. Development and Validation of Structural Models of Human Posture.

M. Nowak, M. Morzynski. The Structure Optimization System with Adapting Large Scale Finite Element Computations.

A.Smilgevičius, R.Rinkevičienė. Simulation of Transients in the Mechanical Part of Electromechanical System.


Minisymposium: Parallel and Grid Computing: Algorithms and Applications

             Organizers: M. Sosonkina (Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University, USA), R. Čiegis (VGTU, Vilnius, Lithuania)

M. Baravykaitė. Parallel Branch and Bound Algorithm Template.

A. Jakušev, V. Starikovičius, R. Čiegis. Application of Parallel Arrays for Semiautomatic Parallelization of Flow in Porous Media Problem Solver.

J.Rokicki, M.Krause, M.Wichulski. Predicting Parallel Efficiency in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

J. Žilinskas. A Package for Development of Algorithms for Global Optimization.


Minisymposium: Mathematical Models Including Non-Local Boundary Conditions

             Organizers: M. Sapagovas (IMI, Vilnius, Lithuania), V.L. Makarov (Kiev, Ukraine)

R. Čiupaila, M. Sapagovas. Nonlocal Problem for the System of Nonlinear Differential Equations with Separated Boundary Conditions .

S.Pečiulytė, O.Štikonienė, A.Štikonas. Sturm-Liouville Problem for Stationary Differential Operator with Nonlocal Integral Boundary Condition.


Minisymposium: Numerical Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problems

             Organizers: M. Stynes (National University of Ireland, Cork, Ireland), N. Kopteva (University of Limerick, Ireland), E. O'Riordan (Dublin City University, Ireland)

V. Andreev. Grid Approximation of Nonsmooth Solutions of Singularly Perturbed Equations.

R.K.Dunne, E.O'Riordan, G.I.Shishkin. Numerical Methods for Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Problems with Mixed Derivatives.

O. Kharina. Numerical Method for Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Problem with the Concentrated Source in a Strip.

N. Kopteva. Error Analysis of a 2D Singularly Perturbed Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion Problem.

E.O'Riordan, M.L.Pickett, G.I.Shishkin. A Priori Bounds on the Solutions of Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Diffusion-Convection-Reaction Problems.

L.Portero, J.C. Jorge. Efficient Domain Decomposition Methods and Shishkin-Type Meshes for Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Problems on Polygons.

G. Shishkin. Multiscale Problems with Various Boundary Layers for PDE's in Unbounded Domains.

L. Shishkina, G. Shishkin. The Discrete Richardson Method for Semilinear Parabolic Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Equations.

M. Stynes, R.B.Kellogg. Pointwise Bounds on Derivatives of Solutions of Elliptic Convection-Diffusion Problems.

I.V. Tselishcheva, G.I. Shishkin. Monotone Domain Decomposition Schemes for a Singularly Perturbed Semilinear Elliptic Reaction-Diffusion Equation with Robin Boundary Conditions.

H. Wang. On Error Estimates for ELLAM for Convection-Diffusion Equations.


Minisymposium: Analysis and Numerical Solution of Inverse Problems

             Organizers: H.J. Reinhardt, R. Plato (University Siegen, Germany)

U. Hämarik, R. Palm. Comparison of Stopping Rules in Conjugate Gradient Type Methods for Solving Ill-Posed Problems.


Contributed Talks

A. Alshin, E. Alshina. The Numerical Solution of Non-Linear Pseudo-Parabolic Equations.

E. Alshina, N. Kalitkin, A. Koryagina. Integration of Differential Algebraic Stiff Systems.

E. Alshina, N. Kalitkin, P. Koryakin. The Singularity Diagnostics by Calculation on Embedded Grids.

S. Asmuss, N. Budkina. On Splines in Convex Sets Under Constraints of Two-Sided Inequality Type in a Hyperplane.

V. Azhmyakov, W.H. Schmidt. On Convex Optimal Control Problems.

R.Baronas, F.Ivanauskas, J.Kulys. Numerical Modelling of Biosensors with Perforated and Selective Membranes.

I.A. Belov. On Computation of the Probability Density Function of α-Stable Distributions.

A. Boltnev, N. Kalitkin, O. Kacher. Relaxation Method for Elliptic Problem with Logarithmic Convergence.

O. Kacher, A. Boltnev, N. Kalitkin. Speeding up the Convergence of Simple Gradient Methods.

L.E. Britvina. General Convolutions of Integral Transforms and their Application to ODE and PDE Problems.

L. Budrikaitė, K. Dučinskas. Modelling of Geometric Anisotropic Spatial Variation.

A. Buikis, H.Kalis. Numerical Analysis of the Heat and Magnetohydrodynamic Flows in a Finite Cylinder Induced by High Frequency Electric Current.

C. Cattani, E. Laserra, S. Rogosin. Wavelet Analysis for Effective Properties of Doubly Periodic Composite Materials.

R.Čiegis, A.Jakušev, O.Suboč. Nonlinear Diffusion Problems in Image Smoothing.

P.D.F.Gouveia, D.F.M.Torres. Computation of Conservation Laws in Optimal Control.

D.Grigaitis, R.Kirvaitis, E.Žitkevičius, M.Meilūnas. On Optimization of Region Growing Procedure for Complex CT Images.

A.Gritsans, F.Sadyrbaev. Characteristic Numbers of Non-Autonomous Emden-Fowler Type Euations.

G. Hilkevich. The Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Nonlinear Pseudoparabolic Equations.

R. Čiegis, A. Ilgevičius, H.-D. Liess, M. Meilūnas. Mathematical Modelling of the Heat Transfer in a Multi-Wire Bundle.

H. Kalis, I. Kangro. Simple Methods of Engineering Calculations for Solving Multi-Substances Transfer Problem in Multi-Layer Media.

E. Kirjackis, J. Kirjackis. On the Existence of Analytic Functions with Nonvanishing Finite Differences of Several Orders in the Half Plane.

Z. Kriva. Segmentation Combining Approaches Based on Mean Curvature.

A. Krylovas. Applications of the Method of Stationary Phase to Asymptotic Integration of Weakly Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems.

S.M. Lacey, E.S. Benilov, S.B.G. O'Brien. Explosive Instability in Rimming Flows.

T. Cirulis, O. Lietuvietis, A. Cebers. Nonlinear Dynamics of Bubble Interface in Vertical Hele-Shaw Cell with Magnetic Liquid under the Action of Normal Magnetic Field.

V.A.Lobanova, Y.Y.Lobanov. Numerical Evaluation of Wiener Integrals in the Problems of Quantum Physics.

A.V. Masjukov, V.V. Masjukov. Multiscale Modification of Shepard's Method for Multivariate Interpolation of Scattered Data.

V.I. Mazhukin, M.M. Chuiko, A.M. Lapanik. Dynamic Adaptation Method for Modelling of Melting and Evaporation Processes with Convection.

P. Miskinis. The Nonlinear and Nonlocal Integrable Sine-Gordon Equation.

Z. Navickas, L. Bikulčienė. Expressions of Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations by Standard Functions.

S. Ogorodnikova, F. Sadyrbaev. Multiple Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems, which have Oscillatory Solutions.

A. Pedas, G. Vainikko. Smoothing Transformation and Numerical Solutions for Fredholm Integral Equations with Singularities.

A.V. Popov, K.A. Zhukov. Finite-Difference Schemes or Finite Element Method for Weakly Compressible Gas.

S. Rutkauskas. Dirichlet Type Problem for the System of Elliptic Equations, which Order Degenerate at a Line.

Yu. Semerich, M. Sidorov. The R-Functions Method for Solution of Multiconnected Stokes Flows in Domains of Complicated Geometry.

V.Starikovičius, R.Čiegis, G.Šilko. An Evaluation of the Performance of VGTU PC Cluster.

K. Batrakov, S. Sytova. Mathematical Modelling of Multiwave Volume Free Electron Laser.

P.C.Yang, H.M.Wee. A Win-Win Strategy for an Integrated Vendor-Buyer Deteriorating Inventory System.

I.Yermachenko. Multiple Solutions of the Fourth-Order Emden-Fowler Equation.